Some PBMs Have a Less Than Clear Definition of Transparency

Often Pharmacy Benefit Managers keep, through hidden revenue streams, funds that should be returned to plan sponsors, making it difficult to see how they're really earning their money. Pharmacy discounts, rebate earnings and other pharmaceutical incentives may not be completely disclosed, leaving you guessing as to the real cost of your plan.

The best pharmaceutical care at the lowest net cost is within your reach. As your trusted advisor, Navitus fully discloses all sources of potential revenue and then passes it through to the plan sponsor. Our income comes from a stable per member per month fee and we pass-through 100% of all incentives to our sponsors.

These include:

  • All manufacturers' rebates
  • All pharmacy network discounts
  • All other pharmaceutical company incentives

At Navitus, all pharmaceutical contracts are 100% auditable; in fact we encourage plan sponsors to truly understand how we manage their plans. As stewards of the benefit plan, we deliver informed and responsible pharmacy benefit services. Our motivations are clear – to offer pharmacy benefit services that provide the best pharmaceutical care, at the lowest net cost.

This plan, Navitus MedicareRx (PDP), is offered by Navitus Health Solutions and underwritten by Dean Health Insurance, Inc., A Federally-Qualified Medicare Contracting Prescription Drug Plan.